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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality bedding and mattresses using sustainable, organic and natural materials. Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing means looking at the entire product lifecycle from raw materials to end of life. Our mattresses last 2-3 times longer than typical hotel mattresses and are made with biodegradable materials. We source locally produced wool in an effort to support our domestic wool growers who exceed the organic and humane standards of excellence.  We promote the use of sustainable raw materials such as recycled polyester and Tencel™ fibers made from renewable eucalyptus trees. We go beyond organic, by choosing natural fibers such as coconut coir and wool that are minimally processed and biodegradable. We use North American mills to knit our organic cotton ticking, supporting the US & Canadian textile industry. We import the finest organic latex foam from our Sri Lankan manufactures. Their plantations are certified by FSC, their processes are certified by EcoInstitue, and their practices are Fair Trade certified. We create products that last significantly longer than the conventional equivalents by using high quality natural materials and customization. Replacing products less frequently means less waste in the landfills and conserving our precious raw materials. We offer flexible scheduling for our employees to maximize their quality of life and productivity. 



Green by Design

Suite Sleep has been a member of Green America for more than a decade. We have achieved the Green America Gold Standard and participated in several of the Green Festivals over the years. Both our products and our business practices support the goals of Green Businesses in environmental sustainability, social welfare, and community service.

Made in Colorado

We are proudly a Colorado business. Our products are either completely manufactured or assembled in Colorado. Sustainability is as much about sourcing locally as it is using resources wisely. Boulder has been called the epicenter of the natural products industry and we are honored to be a part of that movement.


Green Leadership

Our Founder, Angela Owen is a Green Leader in the Sustainable Furnishings Council. The SFC has been a leader in educating and promoting green business practices throughout the home furnishings industry with an emphasis on improving indoor air quality and reducing CO2 emissions. We are proud members of Naturally Boulder and the Specialty Sleep Association's Bed Fax Transparency program. 


Giving Back to the Planet

In our effort to give back, we donate a portion of our sales to SaveNature is an organization that provides rainforest education to schools all across the nation with its Insect Lab program. SaveNature also pioneered the Adopt-an-Acre/Adopt-a-Reef program that is committed to protecting the dense forests of Costa Rica, Brazil, and Panama and the coral reefs in Palau, Komodo, and the Dominican Republic. Jim Owen, CFO of Suite Sleep, Inc. is a board member and serves as Treasurer for


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